Support your child outside kindergarden - implement your own early learning program at home

March 30, 2020
It has been scientifically proven that a child’s brain develops fastest during their formative years. Thus, early childhood programs have recently been gaining in popularity. Many preschools and kindergartens now recognize the benefits that early education brings. However, this doesn’t have to be limited to early learning centers only. If you are the one taking care of your child, or simply are looking for ways to help your child develop outside the daycare center, here are some ideas that can support your child’s development:
Bedtime reading 
Various studies show that reading to your child develops their imagination. Also, children whose parents read to them are more likely to be regular readers in the subsequent years of their lives. 
Drawing and writing 
Using tools like crayons, pencils and scissors boosts your child’s motor skills. Drawing can also help them develop creativity. 
Hide-and-seek with toys
Add a fun twist to the game by hiding your children’s favorite toys and then asking them to find them all.
Playing with Play-Doh develops your child’s motor skills, imagination and creativity while keeping them busy for a long time.
No matter if your child attends kindergarten or preschool or not, it is always beneficial for their development to spend their free time in a creative, effective way.
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