• Preschool in Algonquin, IL – Shining Stars Early Learning Center


  • Shining Stars Early Learning Center is the perfect early learning center in Algonquin for your children. Our teachers are equipped with the latest knowledge and tools to ensure that your children will be taken good care of. At our daycare, we make sure that we provide a friendly and caring atmosphere, and we make learning fun. Our daycare center is great for children who are 2-3 years old, and it is designed to balance work, play, and awaken students’ love of learning. We provide hands-on activities and manipulatives that help focus your child’s readiness skills and prepare them for an academic school year. When it comes to a preschool in Algonquin, we are your best choice. Let your children learn and shine in school at the same time!


  • Why Preschool Algonquin, IL Is So Important In Your Child's Development

  • Preschool is the fundamental year that provides an initial exposure to school and sets the tone for the children’s educational career. During this time, children tend to develop certain feelings, ideas, and perceptions about a school. It opens a window of opportunity to have a positive and favorable start for children. This is also the first exercise in which the children are separated from their parents’ security and comfort. Shining Stars Preschool is the place that will serve as a second home to the children. Our preschool in Algonquin has enough materials to attract and make the child feel secure and comfortable. It is the first place where the child will build their self-esteem and the right place for children’s foundation for lifelong progress. 

    The time kids spend on preschool in Algonquin is used to develop a foundation for a lifetime of learning—and that matters!

  • Preschool Algonquin, IL - Reducing Separation Anxiety


  • Your child is about to go to preschool in Algonquin, and that can cause a little separation anxiety. Here are some ways to prepare them.

    Explain the routine:  Sell them on the idea by telling them about all of the fun things they will be doing at our preschool in Algonquin. But don’t forget to let them know you will always be available, and that you will pick them up. 

    Meeting the teacher from preschool: An open house is an introduction. This is when you and your child get to meet the teachers, parents of other kids, and some of the children they will interact with at preschool in Algonquin. It starts the bonding process.

    Keep a positive attitude: If you are worried about preschool, they will mirror it. Be calm. Be confident. And they will follow your lead. 

    Role Playing: Set up a mock class at home using props like stuffed animals. It can actually help both of you adjust to this transition and start the preschool.