• Pre-kindergarten At Shining Stars Early Learning Center Algonquin, IL


  • We understand that you want the best education possible for your children. At Shining Stars Early Learning Center, we will make sure that your children will learn and have fun at the same time. Begin your child’s education with our exciting pre-kindergarten curriculum designed to balance work and play and awaken students’ love of learning. Our daycare program is excellent for children who are 3-4 years old. We provide hands-on activities and manipulatives that help focus your child’s readiness skills and prepare them for an academic school year. Our early learning center offers only the best dual language daycare service in Algonquin. We will make sure that your children are well taken care of.


  • The Importance of Pre-Kindergarten Algonquin, IL For Your Child

  • Aside from recognizing letters, numbers, and shapes, kids enrolled in prekindergarten learn critical social skills and the value of working independently in the classroom. Successful pre-kindergarten programs teach children to be curious about how things work, find answers to the problem, and be learners. Children in pre-k will learn how to raise their hands and share the teacher’s attention. It also provides an excellent foundation for kindergarten because they will be separated from their parent’s comfort. That is an excellent practice to be independent and be exposed to an educational environment. 

    The Shining Stars Pre-Kindergarten program focuses on things like self-control; and behavior in the class. Our pre-kindergarten teacher in Algonquin always engages children in productive conversations and asks them open-ended questions to develop their critical skills. Because of that, children enrolled in our program learn how to wait for their turn, share, deal with frustrations, and solve conflicts.

  • Pre-kindergarten Algonquin, IL - How to Know If Your Child Is Ready


  • If you are considering pre-kindergarten in Algonquin, here are some areas that will let you know if they are ready.

    Potty-Trained: While some preschools expect your child to be toilet trained, there are a few that don’t. Most programs, though, that involve 4-year-olds and publick pre-kindergartens in Algonquin expect yours to be completely out of diapers.

    Independent: Fostering a level of independence, but only a small level, is important. But kids ages 3 and 4 are not at all expected to discover absolute independence, doing everything on their own. 

    Expressive: To be truly ready, being able to communicate in a way that will be easily recognizable by prekindergarten staff is crucial to keeping an open conversational experience. They need an appropriate way to get their feelings and needs across.

    Concentration: If you are considering pre-kindergarten in Algonquin, having the ability to concentrate for at least 10 – 20 minutes is paramount.