Our School

  • Our philosophy is basic… we put the child first! Everything we do builds a positive environment where children are safe, loved, nurtured and learning.  Our beautifully remodeled facility allows your child to be in an environment that is clean, safe, and provides the newest technological products to ensure that your child receives the most from their experience here.  Every toy and play area is designed for learning… whether it be the block center that enhances a child’s motor skills or the sand and water table that teaches your child the basic principles of physics.  We thrive that every child becomes the best they can be! Here at Shining Stars you’ll find that no one can match the combination of  experience, resources, and educational programs we offer.  

  • What do we teach….


    Infant / Toddlers –

    We teach our students as young as 6 months old baby sign language – a specialized sign language used to communicate with preverbal infants and toddlers. It is intended to help very young children to express their needs and wishes earlier than they could otherwise. Baby signing experts believe that frustration and tantrums can be avoided by closing the gap between desire to communicate and the ability to do so. There are three benefits of using sign language with our children for both parents and teachers. They are practical: less fussing and more fun, emotional: creates a closer parental bond, and cognitive: boosts brain development.

    Preschool/ Private Kindergarten –

    Begin your child’s education with our exciting Pre-Kindergarten curriculum designed to balance work and play and awaken a students love of learning. We provide hands – on activities and manipulatives that help focus your child’s readiness skills and prepare them for an academic school year.

    Paving the way to reading

    Shining Stars vocabulary – building activities and exercises are designed to stimulate visual and auditory discrimination. Your child will also learn to associate ideas, build logical sequences, and strengthen comprehension and memory skills.


    Math Fundamentals

    In math, our activities will prepare students to enter 1st grade with an appreciation for simple measurements and patterns. Students will be able to recognize and write numbers 1 – 100.


    Featuring a Phonics-based approach of learning

    Our kindergarten curriculum offers hands-on, interactive learning to prepare your child for first grade. Help your child refine his or her reading skills with our phonics-based approach and our colorful, read-aloud books.


    An interdisciplinary education

    The Shining Stars kindergarten curriculum’s emphasis is on short vowel and consonant sounds, sequencing, auditory and visual discrimination, classifying, and rhyming. We integrate our reading materials with science and social studies, allowing for seamless inter disciplinary education. Math studies introduce students to numbers 1 – 31, as well as shapes, problem solving, and ordering numbers.