• Infant Daycare At Shining Stars Early Learning Center Algonquin, IL

  • At Shining Stars Early Learning Center in Algonquin, we start with infants as young as 6 months teaching them baby sign language. They will be capable of communicating even in the preverbal stage of development. This teaching tool is intended to help very young children at our daycare in Algonquin to express themselves sooner than they could otherwise. Baby signing experts believe that young children can avoid frustration and tantrums by bridging the gap between a child’s desire and the ability to communicate it, both in and outside our daycare center in Algonquin. Baby sign language offers practical learning for less fussing and more fun, emotional awareness for a closer bond with your baby, and cognitive development. Shining Stars Early Learning Center in Algonquin leads the way in innovative teaching methods.


  • Benefits of Daycare Algonquin, IL For Your Child

  • Daycare makes kids better behaved.

    A study confirms that children who attended daycare for more than one year showed better social skills. High-quality daycare centers increase academic measures and cognitive achievement of children. Our daycare in Algonquin provides a positive care environment that allows children to thrive and set up for success. 

    Daycare makes kids smarter.

    One of the studies in 2006 shows that children in high-quality daycare had better cognitive and language development during the first four-and-a-half years of their life. Also, the benefit of attending daycare center, or infant daycare remains at least through the age of fifteen. 

    Daycare prepares kids for school.

    A study in 2016 shows that children who attended formal childcare programs had stronger math and reading skills. Shining Stars Daycare in Algonquin is a dual-language daycare that provides a learning structure and routine that prepares children for elementary school.