Choosing Safe and Age Appropriate Toys at Our Daycare in Algonquin, IL

July 14, 2020

Toys are an important part of every young child’s development, but they must be carefully selected or they could pose a problem or even a threat. As you browse through a toy store, consider whether the toys you choose will be fun and educational, as we have at our preschool in Algonquin. Also note how safe the toy will be for your child, which is a prime consideration for our early learning center in Algonquin. 

Take your child’s age as a starting point, then think about it in the same way we do at our kindergarten in Algonquin by looking at your child’s behavior and developmental stage before you buy. No matter the age of the child or how bright they may be, children who still explore objects through their mouths should not play with toys that consist of small parts, as this can be a serious choking hazard. It is our experience at Shining Stars Daycare in Algonquin that children tend to stop putting items that don’t belong there in their mouths at 12-months, but some continue the habit until the age of 3-years or more.

Paints, as a rule, should be non-toxic and durable. So the finish on the toy should be unlikely to peel or splinter. 

Our infant daycare in Algonquin is equipped with toys suitable for every child. We care for the health and safety of each child who enters through our doors at Shining Stars Daycare.

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